How We Help


Whether facing a traffic offense or trial, we're with you every step of the way. First, we talk...

We understand that for many, the legal system is intimidating and overwhelming.  Whether you are facing the challenges of divorce or the possibility of losing your freedom, the first step starts with receiving accurate and straight forward information.  Our firm prides itself on treating our clients as human beings and not cases.  Together we will discuss your legal issues,  and  the best possible strategies and solutions for your specific matter.  


Then, we work together.

Herlihy and Young's success hinges on our ability to collaborate with the client in all phases of the case, including preparation, investigation, settlement negotiations when required, and trial and court hearings when necessary. To assist in any case we have a network of experienced investigators, and forensic experts to call upon.


Court Support

Whenever your matter must be heard in court, we're with you.  We know court can seem scary and daunting, but with our combined experience, we help you navigate it with ease.  We provide you with the resources, information and preparation you may need to achieve the best possible results in your legal matter. 

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